Recovery is all about using our power to
change our beliefs that are based on faulty data.
– Kevin McCormick

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How I Support My Clients

  • Providing a trusted confidant and expert guiding you on your path to a healthy relationship with food. I play detective while assessing a client’s eating history, their family’s relationship to food and body, and their current relationship with food and body. I work diligently to build rapport and earn a client’s trust so they feel comfortable working with me!

  • Providing an honest, objective and reflective counseling style that will help my clients uncover the reasons why they may be feeling imbalanced and challenged in their relationship with food, body, and other areas of their lives.

  • Teaching all the ins and outs and truths about the real reasons behind food and body image challenges from a specialist. I help to educate my clients on key topics related to their eating so they can begin to embrace a more holistic view of nutrition. This enables them to begin dismantling the lingering diet mentality thoughts that often keep people stuck in diet culture.

  • Advocating for you when working with your health care team. I can be a part of your team collaborating with your therapist, medical doctor and other providers. This advocacy includes providing resources for you so you can feel empowered and educated when or if you are faced with practitioners who are weight biased and who may pressure you to diet or lose weight for health purposes.

  • Developing an action plan with an expert guiding you. I work with clients on coping skills and effective ways to manage whatever challenges they are experiencing. I am an attentive listener and consider it an honor to be part of my client’s lives!

I Support My Clients in Overcoming

  • Body dissatisfaction

  • Mid-life challenges & transitions

  • Lack of alignment with personal values

  • Inability to act self-compassionately

  • Mindset challenges

  • Negative. critical thinking

  • Resistance to medically necessary diets

  • Low self-esteem

  • Disordered eating

  • Emotional overeating

  • Binge eating

  • Restrictive eating behaviors

  • Over or under exercising

  • Yo-yo dieting

  • Fear and stress around foods

  • Food & nutrition overwhelm

Coaching Is For You If You Are

  • Exhausted from yo-yo dieting

  • Done feeling like the size or shape of their body is their fault

  • Curious about how peaceful eating could transform their lives

  • Desiring someone to support them in their anti-diet journey

  • Ready to be compassionately and non-judgmentally supported

  • Acknowledge that a different approach is needed to experience the freedom they crave

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