Here are 5 ways that coaches help clients:

Q. Have a trusted confidant and expert guiding you on your path to a healthy relationship with food. 

A.Coaches play detective while assessing a client’s eating history, their family’s relationship to food and body, and their current relationship with food and body. Coaches take a client’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors into consideration when analyzing what a client needs in terms of medical nutrition therapy recommendations, as well as appropriate level of care (especially if a client has an eating disorder). At the same time, we work to build rapport and earn a client’s trust so they feel comfortable working with us!

2. Have a customized meal plan that is created by an expert and made to work WiTH your issues and special dietary needs. A dietitian will create a meal plan to ensure adequacy for fuel, and variety (macro and micro nutrient needs), as well as to address any issues around any co-morbid conditions and nutrient deficiencies.

3. Learn all the ins and outs and truths about food and nutrition from a specialist. We educate our clients on all topics related to nutrition in a way they understand! So many clients have many nutrition myths they believe to be true, especially in disordered eating. We discuss the principles of intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, and help improve body image.

4. Have an advocate for you when working with your health care team. We are team players, collaborating with a client’s therapist, medical doctor and psychiatrist. AND we understand our scope of practice which includes, speaking to food and body image issues, promoting self-care and self-compassion. We also communicate appropriately with our client’s family and support system to ensure our client’s needs are being met.

5. Develop an action plan with an expert guiding you. We work with clients on coping skills and effective ways to manage whatever nutrition issue is going on. Ultimately we are great listeners and consider it an honor to be part of a client’s life!

These are just a few of the benefits clients get and the value we dietitians offer our clients. When you are struggling to answer that question, “How can you help me?” from your clients, you can use some of these as reasons why clients should see you!

Answer with confidence when asked this question and you will find yourself bringing on more clients. When they understand the value and benefits you offer them, they will understand why they need to work with you.

I hope this lesson opens your eyes to a few new ways to showcase your expertise and value to your clients. I love supporting other Registered Dietitians become the dietitian