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— Clear Sky Recovery

Are You or Your Child Struggling with

  • Deciding what to eat for meals and snacks

  • Feeling overwhelmed by preparing meals and making food choices

  • Being mindful when it comes to hunger and fullness

  • Resurfacing ED behaviors or symptoms and have relapse concerns

  • Struggling to eat or avoiding eating due to overwhelming anxiety and fear about eating

What is Meal Support Coaching?

Meal support coaching is about sitting down to a meal or snack with my client and giving them the emotional support they require to move forward in their recovery.

Emotional support can be defined as giving clients encouragement and reassurance and helping them cope with their anxiety and fears about eating. During the meal I help encourage my clients by highlighting their eating successes and give reassurance by emphasizing the physical and psychological benefits of re-nourishment. By doing this, it helps to lower their anxiety level by listening to them express their fears, distracting them with “healthy” conversation, and promoting relaxation techniques during the meal.

Meal support coaching helps my clients build vital eating skills so they can become competent, and confident eaters again so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest without the unhealthy preoccupation with eating.

Meal Support Coaching Teaches You To

  • Practice normalized eating and challenge your food fears & phobias so you can live again

  • Practice being mindful of hunger and fullness cues so you can become a competent eater

  • Discern factors contributing to food choices so you can stay honest in your recovery

  • Process thoughts and feelings in a safe, structured environment so you can feel safe and reduce anxiety

Meal Support Coaching Provides Support By

  • Meeting with you virtually, at your home, work, school or restaurant

  • Helping you strengthen your mental barriers through exposures and skill building sessions

  • Supporting you when your ED voice is distracting you from following your recovery plan

Meal Support Coaching Benefits

  • Decreases anxiety and fear around eating foods and dining at restaurants

  • Challenges disordered rules and eating rituals

  • Increases mindful eating practices and listening to one’s body

  • Ensures accountability for your meal/recovery plan

  • Provides ongoing private support as you grow more confident in your recovery

  • Enables you to continue with work or attend school during recovery

  • Provides symptom interruption for those concerned about relapsing

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